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About The Mongan Law Firm

There are hundreds of ways to do business… and there are just as many laws regulating business formations, transactions, and relationships. These laws aren’t only applicable to the Fortune 500 corporations who can afford full-time, in-house legal representation; small- and medium-sized companies are also bound by them.

Yet, finding knowledgeable, experienced attorneys whose services match your business needs and budgets can be a challenge. 

The Mongan Law Firm has over 35 years’ experience as general counsel, providing legal direction, strategic planning, and governance leadership across many sectors.  They specialize in putting this experience to work for start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses. 

Mongan Law’s ideal client is an organization that:

  • Understands the need for sound legal planning, from the get-go
  • Is seeking attorneys that can also serve as strategic partners
  • Values negotiating skill, practical billing solutions, and strong experience with start-ups and new ventures
  • Needs support in corporate formation, finance, governance, administration, and ethics

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